If you’re looking for contemporary, employee-led Workplace Health & Wellbeing programs, then relax because Healthy Happy Staff is it.

Research shows that a robust workplace health and wellbeing program can deliver significant financial returns to your place of work. Reduced sick leave, wage costs and happier, more productive employees are just the start.

Because when staff feel supported, engaged and valued by their employer, they reward you with tangible returns. You’ll be employing staff who take control of their health management, become critical thinkers, develop enhanced communication skills, strengthened resilience, and an increased loyalty to the organisation – they become in control of their lives as they take comfort knowing they work with an organisation that understands an individual’s health and wellbeing is uniquely personal and are willing to offer support on that journey.

Healthy Happy Staff provides holistic health and wellbeing programs and initiatives that filter through the work life and home life of your employees. Tailorable to each organisation, you will benefit from healthier and invigorated staff, working with intent for your organisation.

Healthy Happy Staff deliver health and wellbeing initiatives that utilises print, email and digital communication strategies that reach and inspire more of your staffing numbers in a shorter period than a few one-off targeted initiatives held throughout the year, and quite often only attract those already caring for their wellbeing – leaving many on the sidelines feeling unhealthy and unhappy.

With growing recognition of the role employers can play as agents in addressing the major public health concerns of today, Healthy Happy Staff is a perfect way to engage your staff in their health and wellbeing while benefiting both the community and your organisation – Healthy Happy Staff is a smart investment in your most valuable asset!