Healthy & Happy Me – 12 Health Promotion Campaign

Healthy & Happy Me – 12 Health Promotion Campaign

Teams of Healthy Happy Staff require one fundamental ingredient: individuals who are personally engaged in themselves.

To successfully contribute and flourish in your organisation, your staff firstly need to feel safe and secure in themselves. They need to be interested in their physical and nutritional needs, roles and responsibilities, mental health, and their communication and relationships with others.

Here’s the catch though: no-one likes to be told to do something or have a negative trait highlighted – lose weight, be nicer, stop being cranky, eat better, don’t be so sad, move more, work more efficiently…

Nagging doesn’t work, hollering from the rooftops doesn’t work. And yet, once an individual internally acknowledges that something is amiss, or that they have ‘unhealthy’ habits, this will likely trigger a desire to change.

So how do we get these important messages to resonate with your staff, so that change happens? How can we encourage your staff to care for themselves, to develop the desire and skills required to be a collection of ‘Healthy Happy Me’s’?

High profile and consistent health and wellbeing promotion is the key…

An effective health and wellbeing promotion campaign that uses multiple communication strategies can reach and inspire more of your staff in a shorter period than a few one-off targeted initiatives held throughout the year. (And often enough, the one-off initiatives only attract those already caring for their wellbeing, which can leave many on the sidelines feeling unhealthy and unhappy.)

The Healthy & Happy Me campaign

‘Healthy & Happy Me’ is a 12-month awareness oriented, print, email and digital health-promotion program. ‘Healthy & Happy Me is designed to stimulate an individual’s knowledge of specific health and wellbeing areas or risks and to then develop the practical skills needed to address identified areas.

We supply fortnightly evidence-based physicality, nutrition and wellbeing articles, written in plain (and engaging) English, and supporting tools that encourage your staff to apply the content. The articles are structured around the Well and Being Survey Findings if your organisation has completed our survey first.

Onsite engagement visits during the 12 months, and email and phone support to the program coordinator, can also be included.

What each staff member will receive

  • Delivered fortnightly, 1 of 26 printed ‘Healthy & Happy Me’ articles
  • Email reminders
  • Delivered fortnightly, 1 of 26 printed A6 prompt tools or resources
  • Desk note holder for A6 cards
  • ‘Healthy & Happy Me’ folder for articles and other material
  • The skills and knowledge to live a life of health and happiness, designed by the individual

What the program coordinator receives

  • Fortnightly synopsis of each article and URLs for emailing (delivered quarterly)
  • Email and phone support from the Healthy Happy Staff team to help implement the program
  • Engaged staff

Implementation/delivery strategy

The design and strategy of a program is one thing, how well it is implemented is another – and often where the most detailed of plans fall down.

Our experience in business management, combined with a sound knowledge and appreciation of the operational challenges workplaces face, has enabled the Healthy Happy Staff team to design a program specifically for today’s environment, with implementation and longevity in mind.

Each fortnight your staff will receive a new ‘Healthy & Happy Me’ printed article, delivered by internal staff. We provide a synopsis of each fortnightly topic, so the current one can be introduced at any team meetings.

Three days later, staff receive an email reminding them of the current topic and a unique URL to the article for online reading should they prefer. This email is sent by the program coordinator.

The following week, staff will receive a supporting ‘Healthy & Happy Me’ tool or prompt card to place in their workspace to reinforce the current message of health and elicit action – we all like to strike while the iron is hot!

Staff would utilise personal development time to read the content, while also being encouraged to read in their personal time.

Program launch

Healthy Happy Staff is available to present a 30-minute introduction to the program which brings the message that sharing the responsibility of health & wellbeing is important to your organisation and will demonstrate to your staff 6 key facets: breathing, planning, nutrition, physicality, self-belief and hydration.This starts the program off in a dynamic way and raises staff interest in the program.


Smart and progressive employers know that investing in their staff is a wise investment in their business. Engaging Healthy Happy Staff to supply and implement programs frees up internal staff to do what they do best. The program price will vary depending on staff numbers – printing and materials are determined on an application, however, a minimum investment is from $4500.00 (10 staff members).


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