5 Ways to Rethink the Drink this Xmas

5 Ways to Rethink the Drink this Xmas

We’re here. The silly season. We’ve worked so hard all year long so let’s kick off the work shoes, grab a drink and PARRRTTYYY!

What better way to celebrate than with friends or colleagues at yet another end of year ‘do. Vino, spirit & mixer, a refreshing ale…no matter the what, booze is abundantly on hand this time of year. Time to let the hair down and have another, why not you may ask? Or you can grab a copy of our guide How to encourage your staff to engage in their health & wellbeing and get a jump start on the next festive season

Regret and embarrassment are awful feelings, and many horror stories have probably already been re-told in glorious detail about last years jovial end of year ‘celebrations’ – this time around, encourage your staff to think about upcoming events with their health and wellbeing in mind, reducing the gossip and cognitive dissonance, the discomfort, that comes with acting against one’s desired intention; not wanting to drink excessively, then consuming a large quantity of alcohol for example.

As a way to encourage some personal thought to alcohol and consumption, it may be worth mentioning to your staff that drinking no more than four standard drinks on a single occasion reduces the risk of alcohol-related injury arising from that occasion!

Some organisations will have a health & wellbeing policy that may include some details around alcohol consumption while at work and functions – which is fabulous for when you’re at an official work function or engagement, but what about when your staff are no longer on the clock or representing your organisation?

Healthy Happy Staff Xmas drinks

Download our promotional A3 poster for your staff which asks your employees to think about the cause and potential repercussions of their actions. This time spent on self is more likely to contribute to positive behaviour change than a policy dictating how much booze can be consumed while on duty; discussed previously in “who’s got your back” change requires a number of stages to be passed through, and alcohol consumption during times of celebration are no different.

We can also provide this article edited for use within your intranet, simply email us at Healthy Happy HQ for the word doc – no obligation either because we want healthy happy staff returning to work next year just as much as you do!

Health and wellbeing in the workplace needn’t be difficult, costly or time-consuming; it’s a smart investment in your most valuable asset!

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