Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

Yes, group workshops and sessions are a fabulous way to internally network, develop new relationships and to share the experience of new learnings - everyone on the same page. Some session requires a pre-screen, such as mindful me to ensure the right assistance for each staff member is received, or an exercise prescreen for those who have been inactive for a while.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Maybe your workplace already has a program and you're looking for service providers, bring that and we can talk through that very important document.

If not, any notes you have made on what your organisation has made regarding health and wellbeing in the workplace

Who do you work with?

Individual Health & Wellbeing is multifaceted and never linear, as will be your program - nutrition, physicality, finance, mindset...they all contribute, and while I specialise in nutrition, breathwork and mindfulness training, I am supported by my extensive network of specialists who I engage on your behalf to work with us - Yoga, Financial wellbeing, Massage, Sleep, Hormones and Exercise.

We are statewide, too.


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