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What is peer coaching?

The peer coaching aspect of the Healthy Happy Staff Wellbeing Program is to provide weekly accountability to each individual’s vision and goals, which are established during Week 2 of the program. Each week staff members are encouraged to meet to discuss the goals and actions each individual sets for themselves. Peer coaching can contribute to the personal growth of those involved; opening up and developing new methods of problem solving, conversation, and empathetic listening skills. You can read more about the Peer Coaching role here.

How much time will involvement in the program take up?

The Healthy Happy Staff Wellbeing Program won’t take up a lot of workplace time.

The weekly peer coaching sessions will only take 15 mins out of the day, for each participant of the program. Those sessions could be held over the phone, in the canteen or staff room, during a walking meeting, a Skype session, or over a cup of tea.

Your staff would be required to spend personal time reviewing the member’s area content on the Healthy Happy Staff website, and to apply this new information to their routine in the areas of personal planning, menu, physical activity and mental agility activities.

How do we find the right person to be coordinator?

You may have an employee in whom you wish to develop leadership, communication or project coordination skills, or there may be a position directly responsible for health and wellbeing within your team. Either way, that individual will be considered the ‘go-to’ person for the program, and will be required to help facilitate its implementation, application and review. The time required will vary, but during the first few weeks an hour or two will be needed to establish teams, collect required data and create any in-house policies surrounding peer coaching meetings, times/locations etc. Once the Healthy Happy Staff program is established in the workplace, it becomes self propelled by the participants and will require little more than monitoring and the distribution of reminder emails.

Time required for their personal participation in the program will be in addition to this.

What support do we get to implement the Healthy Happy Staff program?

At Healthy Happy HQ, we’ve found that no one likes surprises, but they do like to strike while the iron is hot. So to accommodate that innate desire, each week the program coordinator will receive notification of the coming week’s content to ensure they are well equipped to drive high levels of engagement and participation.

Change, being the fickle beast that it is, can influence momentum from high to low when some mental effort is required or the intention has been lost. To pre-empt this flow, Healthy Happy HQ will be on hand to offer weekly tips and support to keep your organisation motivated and engaged –  increasing program outcomes and success.

The six months online access allows staff to return to points of interest, or to ignite a new flame of intention at their convenience.

How does my organisation get started?

After the payment for the required memberships has been received, the team from Healthy Happy HQ will request some user details to create membership accounts for you.

Setting up user names and membership access usually occurs within 24-36 hours of receiving this file – ensuring you are ready to roll by the week’s end.

Within 5-7 business days a Healthy Happy Staff coaching pack will arrive in the mail. The coaching pack contains participant vision boards, quality booklets and program promotional flyer for your staff notice board.

Happy Healthy HQ will also support the program representative to implement the program into your organisation through weekly emails – Healthy Happy Staff has been created with the organisation in mind!