6 Minutes a Day- Workplace Presentation

Not sure where to start your organisation’s workplace health promotion journey or wanting something a little more inspiring than the ‘eat ya veg and walk to the printer’ message? – Inviting us to present to your staff will plant the seed that they themselves can influence not only their health & wellbeing but also that of their peers, family and friends: Engaging your Health & Wellbeing in 6 Minutes a Day.

Healthy Happy Staff

Your investment is only $450* and includes session facilitation with Australias leading Lifestyle, Food and Wellness coach who will demonstrate to your staff 6 key facets of life they can address: breathing, planning, hydration, nutrition, physicality, and self-belief. And it’s a serious presentation too, we bring a carload of Hula Hoops to play with and for the audience participation element, ingredients for a fruit & nut trail mix to share and lots of laughter to reinforce how enjoyable workplace health can be.

Engaging your Health & Wellbeing in 6 Minutes a Day is the perfect way to launch your new health & wellbeing calendar of events, or as a calendar event during toolbox or staff meetings; introducing what engaged individual health & wellbeing is (and it’s not eating lettuce and being able to run a marathon) and reinforce the message that sharing the responsibility of health & wellbeing is important to your organisation.

The session duration can be from 20 minutes through to 45 minutes, depending on time allocation from your organisation.

* food costs and printing extra depending on attendee numbers

Healthy Happy Staff Food for Thought demonstrations


Do you have a specific topic or event in mind and wish for something unique? Great because tailored sessions are our speciality, please contact us to make an appointment to discuss our exciting ideas.

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  • Travel may incur additional cost