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Penni presented at a Searson Buck Company Day recently. Her overview and knowledge around the topic of Mindfulness and Healthy Happy Staff were really engaging and the staff felt that they were given the tools to take all that was learnt back into the workplace. Penni has followed up with the business since her presentation, providing us with further advice, resources and suggestions on how the business can ‘bring this subject to life’. I would recommend Penni to any workplace that is wanting to approach staff culture, retention and morale with a wholistic approach

                                                                                              Cathy Beswick – State Manager-  Nurse Line – a division of Searson Buck recruitment



Engaging, entertaining and thoughtful are a few ways to describe Penni’s presentation style and business approach. If you’re unsure about how to reinvigorate or launch your staff health and well-being program, one meeting with Penni will have the ideas flowing!

Lauren Jago. SIA -Tasmania Branch Chair. 2018


Penni successfully partnered with TasNetworks for our Zero Harm Days held in the north-west, north and south of the state in November 2018. The sessions were aimed at promoting wellbeing through a 6 minutes a day format, encouraging our people to plan, share, move and eat well both at work and outside of work time. Penni’s positive approach to life blew us away and she had a huge impact on our teams through her message and her personality. Penni came organised, skilled and armed with fantastic tools to promote engagement and learning in our heavily male-dominated workforce, who can be challenging in the health space. We recommend Penni to any business looking to have an impact in the health and wellbeing space.

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Melanie Lawrence. Policy and Practices Specialist, TasNetworks 2018


Hazell Bros has been working with Penni from Healthy Happy Staff for the past couple of years as part of our Fit for Work Fit for Life Program. Penni has visited a number of our sites helping us to develop a more health-focused workforce. Penni’s interactive sessions coupled with her engaging delivery style means she can comfortably communicate at all levels of the business and make health and nutrition fun for management and workers alike!

Hazell Bros is happy to recommend Happy Healthy Staff to any organisation that wishes to boost the health and wellbeing of its staff.

Mary Mickan. Business Improvement Manager, Hazell Bros Group,  2018


Penni is a valued regular contributor to our Early Edition magazine.  Her knowledge on keeping your staff healthy, happy and motivated is exceptional!  Thank you for the great contributions Penni!

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Jen Smyth, Australian Childcare Alliance, Queensland, 2016


“I’m extremely keen to expand on the already strong team culture in my centre and I see the Healthy Happy Staff program as a natural step in evolving the communication, teamwork and overall wellbeing of our staff”

Gaias Nest Feb 2015 Michelle Beakley, Director, Gaia’s Nest Early Childhood Center, 2015


“Penni, I just wanted to make a special mention to you regarding the Wellbeing Survey Report from the Healthy Happy Staff program. I found this to be one of the most pivotal pieces of feedback from the program, it has offered me an insight into areas of staff satisfaction. It has provided me with feedback that I can act on to specifically target initiatives that address any challenges we are facing in terms of staff motivation as well as understand our strengths and foster these. Many thanks, Leanne”


Leanne Cooper, Director, Cadence Health, 2015


“The Food for Thought workshops were very well attended by staff and were all booked to full capacity!  Thank you once again for the workshop series, they made a positive contribution to the healthy eating and nutrition objective of RBF’s inaugural Health and Wellbeing Program”

Marcia Winstead, Senior HR Consultant, Retirement Benefits Fund, 2014