How a Secret Handshake can Ignite Your Thinking

How a Secret Handshake can Ignite Your Thinking

In typical Tasmanian fashion, a perfect morning rises with a warm, sunny glow together with a stunningly, cool breeze. I decide that today’s the day to wash the car – it’s been a while. As I lather and scrub the wheels, I notice them transforming from black to a brand-new metal shine. While I’m wiping those last few marks away, I stand back and look at the masterpiece that is my car, all shiny and new after a labour of love.

Suddenly, the wind picks up and the lovely, fluffy white clouds begin to turn to a deep, dark grey and I’m wondering will it, or won’t it? Minutes later, the rain hits as if a deluge had been rampant for days and I watch, as my beautiful shiny car gets annihilated by thick, dust-filled rain.

“Typical, I say to myself. Murphy’s law! These things always happen to me. I don’t even know why I bother (sigh).” As I look at my car from the kitchen window, cursing my misfortunes, I am overcome by a seemingly spontaneous wave of laughter and it’s in this moment when I realise how much I have been caught in thought.

Something that may not be on your list of things to be aware of is your own automatic state response – your mood and emotions, how you think, feel and respond to things in your environment as they present themselves to you. This sense of, “woes is me, things keep happening to me” – ruminating on yesterday is an all too familiar feeling among clients and organisations that engage me for staff health & wellbeing development.

There’s a commonality of ‘stuckness’ in thought and belief structures that are no longer serving us and a longing to move towards thinking that propels individuals, teams and organisations out of ‘stuckness’ and into thinking that ignites.

Recently, I facilitated two sessions for the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) Tasmania State Conference. My brief was to facilitate breakout sessions in between each speaker – stretch and flex session if you like.

Thinking no one needed to hear my bones creak after a period of sitting, I decided to guide a room of over 100 people to choose their desired state and mindset for the day – to instead stretch and flex their minds.

Facilitating a state move from distracted or caught in thought to intrigued, happy and energized; to be mindfully aware of the now was no easy feat – something I worked really hard to do, and as I watch delegates pop their phones and tablets away – I knew I had succeeded. Today, I am blushing with pride and gratitude for having had the opportunity to support AHRI in igniting their people.

Rather than me talking through what I delivered based on my perspective, I am going to share a testimonial from Cameron Scott, Vice President of AHRI, Tasmanian Chapter who shares his experience from the day.

Penni facilitated two sessions at the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) Tasmanian State Conference in November 2019.

When we approached Penni to contribute to our conference we were looking for someone who could link into the theme of Ignite People & Culture and her reputation and background in building healthy workplaces resonated with our brief.

Bringing her infectious enthusiasm and passion to the conference, Penni provided the delegates with interactive and practical exercises designed to engage the audience and develop a positive mindset including a secret AHRI handshake!

We were delighted with the outcome and contribution Penni made as it complimented our presenters and MC very well.

I would like to share some of the delegate feedback to further reinforce the impact Penni had on our conference:

“Penni had great energy on stage, she was energetic and had the crowd engaged with her practical exercise. She also approached us on break and we had a nice chat about what is important to us personally while at work and how we could adopt a healthy mind frame in our personal and work lives, which was nice.”.

“Penni’s energy was infectious, and I liked the way she kept her activities simple enough to be achievable in a short space of time.”

I highly recommend Penni to your business or for future events.

The ‘Secret Handshake’ that Cameron speaks about is a 2 part workshop/session that is designed to have participants choose their desired resourceful state, mood or emotion and then be able to access this state on-demand: every time, be it in a long meeting, doing the dishes or even when it rains after you’ve washed your car.

If you have a team-building day or conference and would like to be able to support your team in moving from caught in thought to thinking that ignites, let’s chat about how I can facilitate a ‘secret handshake’ in your organisation.

About Penni

Penni is an experienced business manager, internationally recognised lifestyle, food and wellness coach, Mindfulness coach, Mental health first aider and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. With creative program and session design, Penni brings health & wellbeing (awareness and behaviour change) to workplaces that encourage and support participants to change the way they think and participate in life; to experience today while looking forward to their future.

They are hands-on and experimental for adult learning, bringing a practical element to evidence-informed literature, resulting in reduced sick leave and wage costs, and a more supported, satisfied and productive teams of staff.

Adopting the Trans Theoretical Model of Change (TMM) for individual behaviour change, the programs, workshops and campaigns are created to address either the awareness, behaviour change or maintenance stages of change.

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