Inner Game Training

Inner Game Training

Can I tell you about the two things I’ve noticed about COVID induced conversations?

Firstly, while people are not yet sad or depressed, they are unable to identify positive feelings experienced in their day.

Here’s how a usual conversation starts: How are you?

That’s a regular greeting, yeah?

  • Could be worse, I guess?
  • Good thanks.
  • Um, ok.
  • Yeah, alright.
  • *snort* you know…

On a rare occasion I could hear – “gee it’s mild for May. Wish this COVID shi’te was over…” or “I’m just blurghh, to be honest”…

Which is then validated by our social media account(s) of choice telling us it’s ok to be feeling this way, while in a different boat, we are all in the same storm and this time will pass as life becomes the ‘new normal…’

Increasingly, this pattern of brooding preoccupation is contributing to our persistent low-level mood, neither sad or happy and it’s affecting our ability to cope with the stresses of COVID life, our work productivity (be it home or in the workplace), our relationships with others – and most importantly, our ability to design our ‘new normal’.

Can you see it in others? Did you just take a deep breath having experienced it yourself?

So here’s the second thing I’ve noticed, it’s not that gloriously rich experiences are not happening in our world, we’re just not looking for them when they present, or spending time acknowledging them when they do.

Can you tell me about feeling curious or when you felt inspired, content, attractive, or even happy today/yesterday/last week/recently? 

Here’s what I know – we are missing out on the wonderful opportunity to access the resourceful states that positive feelings bring – imagine how much lighter, colorful and fulfilling life would be if we felt joyful, curious, certain, noticed, worldly, skillful, alert…I have 100’s to choose from and could keep going.

They all also trump feeling grumpy, saddened, defeated, bored, ok…

Imagine if your staff or team member was late handing in a report or returning to the depo, and instead of feeling flustered at the delay, you naturally felt curious to find a solution?

You observed people not observing COVID return to work plans and instead of becoming anxious, you felt flexible?

The kids dropped the full breakfast bowl, yet you felt observant watching them explore gravity and the distribution of impact?

Discovering how resourceful feelings are represented in your life is a skill well worth developing, and one I would like to share with you.

Today I’m introducing Inner Game Training.

Inner Game Training is a safe place where together, we look for and acknowledge resourceful feelings in our respective days; it’s an incredibly powerful activity and within a few days you will notice an increase in your happiness, life satisfaction, and a reduction any incidences of melancholic symptoms.

How it works

Inner Game Training is a 10-day cognitive coaching activity and with active participation, will have a profound effect on everything you do and all those around you…

Each day I invite you to look for some resourceful feelings to be found in their day – I’ll supply HUGE list to chose from. There is no right way or wrong way to seek out these feelings, but you’ll soon notice them in abundance; either retrospectively, or as they happen while being curiously observant.

At the day’s end, my invitation extends to journaling the days experiences – privately or publicly in the group is completely your choice. 

Journaling is the active participation element and is where you’ll experience the most gains, it adds depth and meaning to the feelings felt, and eventually, the more memories for any particular feelings you have, become stronger and easier they become to recall.

And then we’ll learn how to use them as our natural way of being – your inner game will dictate your outer game, just as it is now, but in a helpful supportive way.

Easy. Beautiful. Mindful. And I would love for you to join me when we start on May 30.

What previous Inner Game Training members experienced…

Katey said she absolutely loved the group and is keen to join me again when we start again this week. A few days in she noticed a shift in her thoughts; instead of complaining about the negative, her brain started to search for positive words/feelings to describe things experienced during the day.

Kristi said she found the program to be exactly what she needed before going on holidays and felt encouraged to seek out feelings that are all too easily pushed aside because we are rushed, busy, tired. She reconnected with feelings like playfulness, relaxed, inspired, and yes even happy!

What a way to start a holiday, don’t you think? Quite often people need the first week of a holiday to get into that headspace.

Susanne said she really loved the inspirational little quotes I would post each day because they always got her thinking. She also said having a feeling to focus on and seek out, really helped set a positive frame of mind, which in turn enable more positive interactions with others, all in all really enjoying the experience.

Lisa said being part of the group has helped her body & mind, with the program being just what she needed. Being a part of it reminded her to look at all the positivity in her world – both internal & external and the daily prompts that encouraged her to expand the repertoire of what made her happy, and to then look for more. Now that it is over, Lisa now finds her default position is to look for what is good, rather than the negative.

Why join the Inner Game Training group?

~practice as if your life depended on it, as in many ways, it surely does. For then you will be able to live the life you have – and live it as if it truly mattered~


This quote sums up why we owe it to ourselves to break the pattern of not sad, nor happy – because our lives truly do matter.

Joining the group is easy, and we start May 30, please invite others who you think will enjoy this Inner Game Training Group – no doubt you are already thinking of those who you think would and could benefit from a glass fuller perspective.

There is a small fee to join this training, $30 – your biggest investment will be the change in perspective obtained.

Check out this quick vid for more details – Inner Game Training 101

This is a public group to join simply email me ( and I’ll forward the joining details to you, we’ll use Facebook groups for the largest part of activities and you’ll also receive information via email.

If you’d like to run this activity exclusively in your workplace or organisation, contact me directly at or call 0416 220 833 to discuss the online delivery options and costs available to you. 

Till then, I’ll excitedly wait to hear from you!

About Penni

Penni is an experienced business manager, internationally recognised lifestyle, food and wellness coach, Mindfulness coach, Mental health first aider and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. With creative program and session design, Penni brings health & wellbeing (awareness and behaviour change) to workplaces that encourage and support participants to change the way they think and participate in life; to experience today while looking forward to their future.

They are hands-on and experimental for adult learning, bringing a practical element to evidence-informed literature, resulting in reduced sick leave and wage costs, and a more supported, satisfied and productive teams of staff.

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