Key Features

Healthy Happy Staff strengthen the foundation and profitability of your organisation at the same time as addressing the public health crisis – a double whammy of positivity, and one to showcase to the final stop of your supply chain; your customers!

We can enter your organisation at any stage of your health and wellbeing journey: organisational health & wellbeing surveys, health promotion activities and the supply of online solutions are but a few of our services.

Our experience in business management combined with a sound knowledge and appreciation of the operational challenges workplaces face enables the Healthy Happy Staff team to design programs specifically for today’s modern environment.

Healthy Happy Staff is innovative in its approach to workplace wellbeing: build on and strengthening the power of your team by engaging participants in rich conversation, healthy eating and physical activity.

To support this innovation, the Healthy Happy Staff programs also feature:

  • Programs that attract participants at all stages of change, from pre-contemplation through to action
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Fresh and contemporary content weekly to the inboxes of your staff
  • Support for all our programs to your workplace representative
  • Well & Being organisational surveys and reports
  • Participant activities that utilise modern contemporary management and motivation theories
  • 6 week ‘Flat to Fired Up’ exercise program, plus easy to follow Yoga and Tai Chi videos
  • Weekly nutrition and food themes
  • Extensive recipe collection
  • 6 or 12-month programs for traction and sustainability

Healthy Happy Staff example

Our range of programs and services are designed to roll out seamlessly, leaving your staff to do what they do best – their roll, and as our programs are evidenced based, you can rest assured of the quality.

These attributes facilitate the integration of Healthy Happy Staff with a number of key best practice guidelines for workplace health in Australia*. Most importantly:

  • Support and participation by the senior leaders of the organisation, reinforcing the commitment to and importance of the healthy workplace message
  • Shared responsibility of workplace health, targeting specific employee behaviours and allowing for individuals to identify and address their unique needs
  • Enabling high levels of engagement and participatory planning via peer coaching and scheduled group activities to suit the working environment