Mindful Me - How to catch a curveball

2 hour introductory workshop

Mindful Me, or mindfulness practice, is a lot more than a strategy to manage difficult situations and can be better understood as a way of being and living rather than a tactic or strategy for life.

How to catch a curveball will introduce your staff to the 7 recognised elements within a Mindful Me practice: The Now, Judgment, Automaticity, Acceptance, Goals, Compassion and the Ego.

While introduced separately, when combined, they form an inseparable entity which can increase personal wellbeing, resilience and ability to catch the curveballs life throws at you.

Your staff will be guided through each mindful element and encouraged to identify which element to focus on in the coming weeks.

This workshop goes beyond the two hours we spend together, for long term application of the content and behaviour change to occur, reinforcement of the information and time to explore the content is required and why we break in down into 7 deep dive sessions post-workshop.

Here's what's included:

Session prescreen for all attendees and referral if required

2-hour workshop 

1 set of prompt flip cards

7 x workplace curveballs

A3 concept posters

Full-colour workbook

7 online deep-dive tutorials of each topic - delivered weekly via email with supporting material.

At the workshop completion, you'll have a starting team - mindful leaders who actively wish to bring awareness to an element of their life.

Company investment: $1650

What's not included:

Printing, this can be arranged and invoiced. The cost will depend on attendee numbers.

F2F delivery of the deep dive content - it can be for an additional session fee of $250 per session ($1750).

Travel greater than 20 minutes from Hobart CBD  will incur $120 travelling fee.


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