Mindful Me

Mindful Me

Mindfulness training for workplaces

1 in 5 Australian employees has taken time off in the past year due to feeling mentally unwell. After your staff have completed the 8 session Mindful Me program, they will be enabled to self-manage stress, improve productivity and achieve a good work-life balance. Life throws curve balls, and your staff may still experience difficult thoughts and feelings, but after Mindful Me training, they will have a greater capacity to be with those thoughts and feeling, rather than be trapped by them.

As an employer you’ll see:

  • reduced sick leave and stress claims
  • retention of skilled staff
  • a positive work environment
  • increased engagement and morale
  • a return on investment

While your staff benefit from:

  • stress management skills
  • clearer and more focused thinking
  • increased self-esteem
  • collaborative and creative teamwork
  • reduction in anxiety
  • increased physical energy

After being Mindful Me trained, your staff will be able to make decisions that are better for them, rather than reactive decisions based on anger, fear or stress.



Healthy Happy Staff - Minful Me


Mindful Me is designed by psychologists and delivered by Healthy Happy Staff facilitators who are trained in mindfulness, Wellbeing Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming – your staff are in very good hands!

The Mindful Me course has been designed to give your staff an emerged experience of mindfulness, which will then assist in them developing regular Mindful Me practice.

Group size and delivery options will be discussed on a per enquiry basis, however, as a guide, the following is indicative of our session delivery options:

  • One hour activity based Mindful Me session to introduce and explore the 8 pillars of mindfulness: $850 + printing costs
  • 8 x 1 1/2 hour Mindful Me deep dive sessions into mindfulness training, for up to 20 participants: $4000 + printing costs. Delivered in your workplace over an 8 week period, your staff receive Certificate of participation ~ URL links to guided meditation ~ 120-page participants workbook ~ Inspiring daily quotes emailed to them ~ pre-screening for suitability or referral.

Email info@healthyhappystaff.com.au for more details.