No (wo)man is an island

No (wo)man is an island

No doubt about it, the importance of the saying “no (wo)man is an island” encourages me to step outside my office and network; inspiration and new ideas don’t strike me when I’m sitting at my desk, rather it comes from talking ideas and interacting with other people.  Networking also fosters a trade of ideas, creates long-term relationships, trust, improves your creative intellect and contributes to personal growth and self-confidence.

I’m sure you would agree, there’s every reason to network, and given the rise in networking groups to join – I’d say your coworkers would further concur.

So with the personal and professional gains available in mind, I have a question for you: what would happen if we used the external networking process internally? A dedicated reason for staff to roam and run into people from different areas of the business to develop cohesion, creative thinking and culture by way of everyday conversation’s.

Intentional, internal networking within the staffing walls?

How often do you connect with Joe from Strategy or Jane from Comms other than for an update on a project or seeking input for a paper? Have you any idea about how they approach a problem or activity – are they deductive or inductive thinkers? Who do you know that is good with specific detail or global design? During adversity, do they stay and gripe or have they moved on already? There’s a place for both and wouldn’t it be great if you knew who to go to, as you would in your external networking world?

Networking conversations create opportunities for collaboration between unlikely partners and generally foster a happier, more productive workforce.

Ed Nolan from Work Design Magazine calls these interactions “Accidental collisions”, and I agree with him when he says they play a key role in innovation and workplace satisfaction.

My invitation to you today is to manufacture unexpected networking and ‘accidental ‘collisions’ in your workplace, for free!


I’d like to introduce Riddle Me Up! to you – Riddle Me Up! is an obligation-free 14 week ‘accidental collisions’ internal networking tool designed to have staff meet, connect and converse with each other in a non-formal setting and deliver impactful results.

Weekly trivia question and answers, ready to go out via your internal communication channels and during your workplace team meetings.

What can be empty and full at the same time? A car park – if it’s empty of cars then it’s full of spaces…

And while free of charge, your investment will pay off.

Research shows that companies that successfully connect and engage employees yield almost 150 per cent higher earnings per share compared to their peers.

Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage, uncovered that the physical space has one of the biggest influences on an employee’s experience at work, along with the cultural and technological environment.

Morgan goes further to say you can’t create employee engagement without designing employee experiences first. Riddle Me Up is blending art and science to create a resourceful employee experience: creativity, conversation, cohesion.

You can’t create employee engagement without designing employee experiences first

Jacob Morgan

14 weeks…

You may be thinking that’s a long time to do something…

The thing with cohesion is it takes time and patience to develop, and while it can’t be forced, there are ways in which it can be encouraged and is most likely to develop at around 12 sessions or group attempts of something – ever feel like nothing sticks on your workplace? No initiative longevity may be why, but that’s another conversation I’d like to have with you.

Each week for 14 weeks, on a Monday afternoon, you will be emailed the current weeks Q&A – or if you’re super organized and want to schedule the distribution, you can receive a link to download the lot.

Building a new team? Starting a new leadership role? Want to create trust between groups? New staff induction period? Difficult to crack old ways ‘culture’. Or you simply want to lighten or enhance the mood with some friendly banter?

Riddle Me Up! is part of the solution!

What’s the saying – you can manage what you don’t measure?

Before you roll Riddle Me Up! out, I would encourage you to do some investigation into the current ‘vibe’ and also read How I K.E.E.P my audience

Past experiences, perception, and organizational norms greatly affect the way people talk and behave, and quickly passed onto the incoming staff – so it’s important to first know what are the norms and beliefs within your organisation, and anecdotally is a great place to start – Riddle Me Up! also comes with an ear-to-the-ground question to ask before, during and after the 14 week period. With just once question you’ll see and hear firsthand how internal networking via Riddle Me Up! has contributed to the cohesion, creative thinking and culture of your organisation.

Is it legal in Canada for a man to marry his widow’s sister? No, and highly unlikely – as a widow, he is dead…

And why free?

I want to demonstrate to you that effective health & wellbeing for the workplace doesn’t have to cost a lot if anything at all, but it does require a strategy – not unlike your finance, HR or marketing plan that underpins your organisation’s strategic plan, which doesn’t conclude after a few weeks of effort. Strategy, implementation and longevity.

All that is required is a YES Please add me to your Riddle Me Up! mailing list, 

Ps please know, I won’t spam you – this is only email sequence you’ll receive from me unless you have chosen to hear other news and updates from me.

You can sign up to receive those updates here. There’s a free guide too; How to encourage your staff to engage in their health & wellbeing.

About Penni

Penni is an experienced business manager, internationally recognised lifestyle, food and wellness coach, Mindfulness coach, Mental health first aider and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

With creative program and session design, Penni brings health & wellbeing (awareness and behaviour change) to workplaces that encourage and support participants to change the way they think and participate in life; to experience today while looking forward to their future.

They are hands-on and experimental for adult learning, bringing a practical element to evidence-informed literature, resulting in reduced sick leave and wage costs, and a more supported, satisfied and productive teams of staff.

Adopting the Trans Theoretical Model of Change for individual behaviour change, programs, workshops and campaigns are created to address either the awareness, behaviour change or maintenance stages of change.

If you would like your organisation to have a health & wellbeing partner that has the skills, experience and returns results like Penni and the Healthy Happy Staff team, drop a line – email or call directly 0416 220 833 if you’re in a hurry.

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