Change How You Think – Health & Wellbeing Behaviour Change Program

Change How You Think – Health & Wellbeing Behaviour Change Program

If you value the health and wellbeing of your staff and their importance to a successful bottom line, then the Change How You Think online program is for your organisation.

Change How You Think is a self-managed behaviour change program with a unique the peer coaching element to install the inherent values of the program: self-care, knowledge and reciprocal relationships with all who participate.

The program is tailored to each and every individual within your organisation, with the entire content delivered online.


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Often workplace wellbeing programs target a specific area, be it nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction or smoking cessation. That’s fine if your staffing teams are made up of the same type of people facing the same issues. The Change How You Think program is a little more innovative and holistic in its approach to health and wellbeing – via a members-only portal, your team will be guided through 12 weeks of fresh and informative nutrition themes with a large recipe collection, a 6 week ‘flat to fired up’ exercise program, and extensive habit and personality activities designed to strengthen the mental resolve and agility of participants.

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And because we are all different – height, weight, personality type, and working arrangements – the Change How You Think program does not dictate how much of what to eat or which physical activities to undertake and when. Rather, the support, conversation and relationships involved in workplace peer coaching are used to design a path forward that is attractive and acceptable to each individual. Through this process, accountability to oneself, and to each other is established.

Each Change How You Think membership includes six months access to the program to allow time for the desired new behaviours to be adopted and to replace any undesirable actions of the past; a critical and key aspect of sustainable positive change.

Would you like to see the membership area in action?

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Investment per employee: $179.00 minimum number 6 and make contact with us here for more details