Partnering with Healthy Happy Staff

Having created a strong reputation within the Tasmanian business community, Mel from the TasNetworks Zero Harm Team invited me in to meet her, she was tasked with creating the bi-annual Zero harm day health content and wanted to discuss ideas that would address the theme of Back to Basics, caring for our safety, the environment and health at work and outside of the workplace.

During this meeting, we discussed the needs of the business and delivery options for the program, and how my scope of practice could create a bespoke presentation and toolkit for them.

From this meeting and following emails and discussions, I created a proposal titled wellbeing in 6 minutes a day. This presentation covered restorative breathing practice, personal planning, nutrition, hydration, physical needs and self-belief. The session was more than me standing to present a topic; it was hands-on and interactive which allowed all participants to experience each section in real-time. The feedback on this interaction was truly positive, with the content being discussed among staff long after the presentation.

To coordinate the sessions I use a project management approach, including session design, supporting guidebook design and printing, manufacturing of the food samples, equipment sourcing and purchasing and the logistics of statewide delivery of 28 sessions over a number of weeks.

I communicated regularly with my client at all stages from design through to implementation and post-implementation to ensure seamless collaboration and successful roadshow was held.

The smaller details of this presentation were just as important to me as the obvious centre stage ones, and I considered a wide range of tools to communicate with. For example, part of my toolkit included a raised stool for use in the sessions; no-one likes to be preached too, especially about something as personal as their health and wellbeing. The occasional use of the stool enabled rapport to be established – a conversation was held when facilitating how the content could be applied, not a lecture.

Mel Lawrence form Tas Networks said the following “Penni successfully partnered with TasNetworks for our Zero Harm Days held in the north-west, north and south of the state in November 2017. Penni’s positive approach to life blew us away and she had a huge impact on our teams through her message and her personality. Penni came organised, skilled and armed with fantastic tools to promote engagement and learning in our heavily male-dominated workforce, who can be challenging in the health space. We recommend Penni to any business looking to have an impact in the health and wellbeing space.”

From one particular Zero Harm session during my usual practice of audience screening for content understanding, I was able to identify a Team Member who was displaying behaviour and language of a vulnerable nature and was able to refer this person to management; they then assisted the team member in line with their mental health strategy to assist improving his wellbeing.

Given the peripatetic nature of the industries, my clients operate in, utilising my skills to develop and deliver high-quality fee for service training in their operating environment is my point of difference.

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