Peer Coaching

The peer coaching aspect of the Healthy Happy Staff Wellbeing Program encourages your staff to develop personal strategies to overcome any obstacles they may be facing. They will also develop new methods of problem solving, and improve conversation and empathetic listening skills along the way.

How much time does the program take up?

The Healthy Happy Staff Wellbeing Program won’t take up a lot of workplace time.

The weekly peer coaching sessions will only take 15 mins out of the day, for each participant of the program. Those sessions could be held over the phone, in the canteen or staff room, during a walking meeting, a Skype session, or over a cup of tea.

Your staff would be required to spend personal time reviewing the member’s area content on the Healthy Happy Staff website, and to apply this new information to their routine in the areas of personal planning, menu, physical activity and mental agility activities.

Why Peer Coaching?

Support. Accountability. Growth. That’s what the workplace peer coach is all about.

When you are in a supportive environment you are more likely to stick to and succeed at a task. Being able to bounce ideas and share experiences with peers is an invaluable tool when being exposed to a new or different way of operating.

Peer coaching seeks to utilise and strengthen the existing relationships within your workplace. When you consider the amount of time spent with co-workers in the workplace, investing in and developing the interpersonal relationships will benefit all involved and the organisation at large.

The knowledge, habits and strategies developed during the Healthy Happy Staff Wellbeing Program will be long term and sustainable. Your staff will become vital players in each other’s success stories: from getting a group together for a lunchtime run, to exercising a bit of group willpower and avoiding the 3pm chocolate rush.

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How are peer coaching groups established?

Peer coaching groups are defined by the organisation and the chosen intention of the program.  Its purpose could be to induct new and old staff together, create relationships in out-posted offices, or expand on the already established team culture.

Staff that choose to take part in the Healthy Happy Staff program can select their own partner or the organisation may chose to assign one.

What tools are provided?

Participation in the Healthy Happy Staff Wellbeing Program is further supported by a Peer Coaching Conversation Prompt Sheet, with scripted coaching questions to guide each session.

Using these scripts, participants can work together to set goals and encourage one another, ensuring they all stay motivated and on track.

This program is shaped by the individual and the level of support required will vary from person to person. The peer coach taps into those individual needs by helping participants to explore existing support networks and develop new relationships to further guarantee their success.

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