Happy Healthy Staff is headed by Penni Lamprey, who has a long history in both business and the health and wellbeing industries. Qualifying in commercial cookery in 1997, Penni went on to own and manage a number of successful hospitality establishments. Graduating from UNSW in 2010 with a Graduate Certificate in Management, Penni has cemented her practical experience in business with the theory behind it.

Penni passionately believes that your health isn’t just being free of disease or illness, but rather it’s having your physical, mental and social wellbeing in hand living an intentional life, and as we spend a large portion of lives in the workplace, sharing the responsibility with employer and employee is a wise, mutually benefiting practice.

To further her own health and wellbeing, and to extend the toolbox for her clients’ use, Penni has continued to build on her qualifications, studying with Cadence Health, Australia to become an internationally recognised Lifestyle, Food and Wellness coach, and more recently became an accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

What is NLP?

For long-term change, we need to break the connection between past experiences and future expectations, and it’s important to know what the new desired state looks like – the way we want our lives to be. NLP gives us a set of tools to minimise the difference between the present, unconscious, learned repetitive behaviours and to create our desired, intentional state.


A leader in her field, Penni was invited to the Sky News Studio to discuss why a health and wellbeing program in the workplace is so important. Check it out here.

Penni Lamprey, Australias leading Lifestyle Food and wellness coach


The team behind Penni

Because no man or woman is an island, Penni engages quality professionals to help deliver the fabulous content and programs available from Healthy Happy Staff, please get to know more about the team:

Peta Haines from Mind My Worx for consultant product development

William Farrell from Operand IT

Mumbo Web design

Leonie Canham from The Splendid Word


Health and wellbeing in the workplace needn’t be difficult, costly or time-consuming; it’s a smart investment in your most valuable asset so grab your guide Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace: 6 easy ways in 6 days, subscribe now!

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