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Focus & Action: COVID-19

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

No doubt, COVID-19 is here, and surprisingly enough – there is no SOP for how to behave during a pandemic. The people I speak with are mostly stunned – what do you do, I’m asked?

When we operate in a state of anxiety, uncertainty and forced with rapid life-altering changes, it’s not unusual to become stuck and overwhelmed – then distracted; unsure what to first, let alone after that.

Good people can be seen displaying ‘ungood’ behaviour. Or in sheer disbelief of what’s unfolding, doing nothing at all. We are talking textbook flight or fright response here.

Regardless if you have maintained employment, lost your job or landed somewhere in the middle, we have all been impacted and need to ensure that we take steps to look after our health and wellbeing, and be sure to help others as we can.

Using the following process, together we can focus our attention, thoughts and actions and set some supportive, hopeful, and encouraging ideas on how to keep things spinning.

Positive self-directed action will reduce panic behaviour and stress-induced apathy while establishing self-efficacy and personal conviction to navigating future.

Ready? Good, first, I want to you start with a clean slate – take 10 minutes out of your day and do some Intentional Breathing

What intentional breath practice will provide you with is the focus, grounding and to find the much-needed space between what you are seeing, hearing and feeling and your emotional state(s) before you commence your COVID-10 Focus and Action.

Now we start by asking yourself – What are the parts of my life that require my focus and attention right NOW?

Be global in your thinking here, if loans, school assignments, vet appointments spring to mind, bump it up.

What do I mean?

Our roles and responsibilities are individual and unique to self, however, they will be made up of your Nutritional needs, Physical needs, Financial needs and our Mental health needs.

What’s on those plates – the global thinking will determine what (the detailed thinking) is needed and where ‘it’ (more details thinking) will come from, is next.

Next step, rank them in importance to you.

Asking yourself which plate needs your immediate attention will outline the backbone of your COVID19 Focus and Action strategy – it might be fair to suggest that financial wellbeing will be the most vulnerable plate we are all attempting to keep spinning at the moment; and will be for a while.

Asking yourself ‘what are my financial circumstances and commitments, and ‘what support packages are there for my circumstances?’ will reveal the next steps for you to take – you’ll know who to contact, about what.

Addressing my families individual needs in order of importance: finance, I was able to reduce my families health insurance premium by $45 a month and save $600 a year on a postpaid phone account by switching to prepaid.

These two phone calls provided me with the confidence to proceed – I can maintain control, I can be the constant in this quickly changing environment.

And you can too; never underestimate the power of self-belief.

Your remaining three plates, physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing, will all hinge on the momentum of your financial plate, and asking yourself what is required to address them will offer the same reassurance and step out what to do next.

Once we have our plates spinning, we know which one, when requires our focus and action, and we can then better aid others: if my plate is spinning smoothly, how can I help others? – maybe with this same spinning plates approach and COVID19 Focus and Actions planning: make the calls/emails, send a care pack, share a contact or information guide.

The fallout, the repercussions, of COVID19 won’t stop because you have a focus and action list to attend too, a list that will allow you to be constant in this quickly changing environment, but it will allow you to maintain control of your situation, to respond resourcefully as situations evolve and with conviction to what actually is important and requires doing.

Download the PDF Focus & Action: COVID-19 planner here

COVID19 Focus and Planning
Download PDF • 896KB

Each of these topic can be presented to you r staff as an interactive workshop -please make contact to arrange social distancing safe options - including online.

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