Food for Thought Workplace Demonstration


Bring your team together for a 1.5 hour session incorporating fun and engaging activities to invigorate and reward your staff for their efforts. The workshop focuses on the importance and ease of quality nutrition, simple yet effective communication techniques and physical activity ideas for the workplace.



A hands-on, interactive workplace session for groups of five or more.

During this session your team will prepare a delicious breakfast to share, discuss life’s big issues and be invited to enjoy a gentle yoga sequence which can be performed with ease in the office environment anytime during the working day.

Our experienced and qualified Lifestyle, Food and Wellness coach will facilitate the workshop, leading group discussion centred around the most important factors integral for optimal health and wellbeing, nutrition, physical activity and mental agility.

Workshop delivery is available Australia-wide and is subject to additional travel cost by negotiation. Food costs and equipment provision are extra. We welcome your enquiry.


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