Return on Investment

With a holistic workplace health & wellbeing program in place that allows the employee to address their roles and responsibilities, research suggests employers can enjoy significant financial returns up to $13 for every dollar spent.*

Why?, because when staff feel supported, engaged and valued by their employer, the organisation then obtain tangible returns: Healthy Happy Staff who take their health and wellbeing into their own hands, become critical thinkers, have enhanced communication skills, strengthened resilience and have an increased loyalty to an organisation.

ROI blurbs.pngThese are particularly important attributes when you consider on any given day in Australia…

  • 8 million people are classified as overweight – nearly 30 %
  • There are nearly 7 million people with a chronic disease
  • 342,000 people visit a GP
  • 742,000 medicines are dispensed by community pharmacies
  • For three quarters of the unscheduled days away from work, depression, arthritis and asthma is associated as being the cause
  • Almost 60% of Australians do not undertake sufficient physical activity to incur health benefits
  • More males than females have five or more chronic health risk factors (17% compared with 11%)

Furthermore, those with a chronic disease have twice the unscheduled time off work than those without, around half a day per fortnight compared to a quarter of a day off, and those afflicted with multiple chronic diseases are also more likely to increase the required days away from work.