Tea for two to rid the flu!

Tea for two to rid the flu!

It’s certainly cooling down in parts of this glorious country of ours, locally an overnight low of 2 degrees was experienced recently…bbrrr.

The rapidly cooling nights and frost covered car windows briskly reinforce to us at Healthy Happy HQ that winter has set in and as an organisation, it’s time to consider winter strategies to support our workplace health and wellbeing because the cold and flu season can begin as early as March and usually ends sometime in October or November.

Achoo, achooo, achoooo – there is never just one sneeze right…?

Can I ask about your own health last winter, were you ill, like, lying on the lounge sooking for days in a dressing gown sick? Or do you know of another who was? Nasty, wasn’t it? The currently available flu shot is to fight the FOUR flu strains expected this coming winter, four – because one isn’t enough! These vicious strains can strike people down for days if not weeks on end, and if your staff do manage to make it to work, what condition are they in? Flat. Lethargic. Contagious…

You may be familiar with the term absenteeism: “not at work – not working”, however a more alarming ‘teeism’ is emerging within the workplace – presenteeism: “at work – not working” (or ‘I’m not at home in recovery mode but here when I really shouldn’t be’). Either way, both absenteeism and presenteeism present huge issues and costs to your business – estimates suggest one-fifth of employee work time is lost into the realms of ‘I should be doing something, but really can’t be bothered ‘teesim’….

So, if either ‘teeism’ is because of sickness, just like dominoes, others around start falling as the business costs rise.

I’ve spoken about the importance of hydration before, but here and now I really want to emphasise the special ‘tea’ blend I create to help alleviate winter lurgies, or at the very least relieve some of the symptoms. The therapeutic power of spices are largely anecdotal but have a strong traditional use in complimentary medicine and well worth enjoying on a cold winters day.

Why the emphasis on this particular tea blend? Because winter bouts of the flu from yesteryears have had me so ill I couldn’t string a coherent sentence together and within an hour of sipping this blend my head and body aches cleared enough to potentially resume life, sitting upright in the fetal position I had previously sustained and not whining about how horrid I felt (‘not as much’ my bed nurse hubby would say…).

At Healthy Happy HQ, we have a constant spice supply on hand in the cooler months, and I would encourage you to grab the collection of spices today. In fact, go now and gather should ‘disaster’ strike and then train the entire workforce in the preparation of this soothing elixir- you will thank me :).


Healthy Happy Staff

The communal nature of sharing a pot of ‘tea’ will see communication, wellbeing and self-care flourish in your workplace and is just one way to encourage your staff to engage in their health and wellbeing, more specifically week 8 of the Change How You Think behaviour change program brings Immunity to the workplace.

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