Well and Being Coaching

No doubt, we are currently living and working in extraordinary circumstances, for many nothing is what it was some 4 weeks ago.

For those with employees now working from home or wondering if/when their shifts will return, the potential physical and mental health risks associated with social distancing are becoming very real: emotional outbursts, anxiety, depression, increased alcohol consumption, sleep disorders and more are all being reported.

Your employee health and wellbeing has never been more important, and the coming weeks will see society reach an inflection point, stay stuck and uncertain, still bearing the previous chronic health concerns, or we can actively encourage society and the staff within the organisations we represent to arrive post COVID embracing a culture of health.

It’s time to pivot, and my online and no-contact services are available to help you and your staff do just that.

I too pivoted in recent weeks, creating a specific coaching arm to support Healthy Happy Staff’s face to face workshops and presentations.

I am really excited to introduce to you Well and Being Coaching.

If you’re in a flight or fright situation, COVID has thrown everything you know into a spin, and wanting an immediate path forward now is the time to engage me for coaching.

We will bypass your status quo, your “yes, but…” statements and by adopting a mindful approach we will get to the heart of your matter.

You are the result of all the previous pictures you have painted, and here is your invitation to paint a new one by commencing as you mean to continue.

Well and Being coaching services is available to yourself, your staff, family and loved ones and I encourage you to make contact and discuss appointment availability –  however, if your turnover or income has dropped due to COVID and you’re not in a financial position to be able to pay for sessions but know you or your staff members are not coping – please make contact – I have committed to aiding those who need it.

There are two Mindful Me 10 session spaces available, and 10 Forward Moving Me sessions available at no charge.

Together with focus and action, we can all be the constant in this quickly changing environment.

About Penni

Penni is an experienced business manager, internationally recognised lifestyle, food and wellness coach, Mindfulness coach, Mental health first aider and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

With creative program and session design, Penni brings health & wellbeing (awareness and behaviour change) to workplaces that encourage and support participants to change the way they think and participate in life; to experience today while looking forward to their future.

They are hands-on and experimental for adult learning, bringing a practical element to evidence-informed literature, resulting in reduced sick leave and wage costs, and a more supported, satisfied and productive teams of staff.

Adopting the Trans Theoretical Model of Change (TMM) for individual behaviour change, the programs, workshops and campaigns are created to address either the awareness, behaviour change or maintenance stages of change.

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