Well and Being Survey

Well and Being Survey

How ‘well and being’ is your organisation?

The most common way to establish financial benchmarks in an organisation is to review the costs associated with productivity and health data: sick leave, staff turnover, insurance claims, as well as targeted initiatives such as health checks (cholesterol, blood pressure, skin cancer etc.) and smoking cessation programs.

At Healthy Happy Staff, we prefer to conduct an anonymous survey of the staff themselves. This allows staff to discuss their professional and personal lifestyle habits, including behaviours and health challenges, in a safe environment. Through the Well and Being Survey, you can get to the finer details of your productivity and health data statistics – the costly root cause of sick leave, staff turnover and insurance claims in your organisation.

The insights gained from the Well and Being survey then allow a tailored health and wellbeing program to be created for your staff and their health concerns. Why waste time and money tackling areas which are not needed?

The survey process

The Well and Being survey is an online survey, which takes individuals approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Healthy Happy Staff provides your program coordinator with a unique survey URL which is then distributed to staff. We allow two weeks’ access to the survey URL for staff to complete.


At the conclusion of the survey period, a report will be created, using the collated information from your staff. This report will cover the professional and personal lifestyle habits, behaviours, and health challenges of your staff. This is the key time to introduce health promotion and targeted health behaviour change initiatives such, such as Healthy & Happy Me – 12 Month Campaign>, Mindful Me Mindfulness training or the Change How You Think peer coaching program. 

The team at Healthy Happy Staff are also available to work with you in creating your bespoke program.

Healthy Happy Staff

Continuing Support

At six and twelve months’ post-initial survey, your staff can be invited to repeat the survey, which allows for progress to be tracked.

(NB. Repeat surveys are not included in initial survey cost)


$1650 per 2 part survey process: beginning and end of the program period.


  • In the Well and Being survey, there are no questions which can identify a staff member.
  • All responses are confidential
  • Management does not see the raw survey responses. The Healthy Happy Staff team collate the information and present a report to management.
  • It is important that staff and management know that the survey is a screening activity to design a long-term health and well-being program, tailored to the needs of the staff.
  • We provide a guiding script, which includes reassurance that we take privacy seriously, and only use platforms with TRUSTe Privacy Standards for online data management


“I found the survey report has provided me with feedback that I can act on to specifically target initiatives that address any challenges we are facing in terms of staff motivation, as well as understand our strengths, and foster these”

Leanne – Cadence Learning

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